Benefits & Uses of Essential Lavender Oil and Products Containing Lavender Oil:

- Can be soothing and help relieve skin conditions such as irritations, burns, cuts and bruises
- Muscle relaxant used to aid massage
- Conditioning skin: "Hydrating and Healing"
- Natural Perfume - Pleasant and relaxing scent for personal use
- Safer to use compared with artificial fragrances and skin treatments
- As a natural deodorant, and a room freshener for the home (candles, sachets, sprays etc.)
- Natural insect repellant

It is distinct from the larger Lavandin plant, which is a hybrid between Lavandula augustifolia/vera and aspic Lavender. Lavandin flowers are highly prized for use in sachets, etc., because of their penetrating camphor-like scent, and Lavandin essential oil is very suitable for soaps and home scent products such as candles and room sprays. For linens bedclothes, towels etc. in personal homes as well as for commercial uses such as in spas, hotels, country clubs, resorts, hospitals, etc.